Thursday, April 19, 2007

Breastfeeding support group - Kuwait

The Only Breastfeeding support group in Kuwait!

We are a group of mothers/doctors/lactation counselors, committed to educating society on the importance of breastfeeding.. Teaching techniques and trouble shooting anything you might face that can stop u from enjoying the full breastfeeding experience.

If you are pregnant.. This is the perfect time to learn about breastfeeding/ nutrition/ techniques/what to avoid/etc... U will avoid many troubles that you might face if u do your homework right now! Please email us right away!

If you are breastfeeding – please let us know how you are enjoying the beautiful experience, and don’t hesitate to email us about any difficulties! We understand that there are many misconceptions in our society and that professional help is very rare, we are providing you with all the support you need.

If you have a breastfeeding story to share or if u would like to volunteer to raise awareness about the issue of breastfeeding or help in anyway please let us know you are there!

please do not hesitate to email us

Jumana Al-Awadhi

support group leader

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