Wednesday, May 30, 2007

seminar questions

I was reviewing the questions we received at the breastfeeding seminar and although I answered them fully then I thought some were very interesting and im planning to post detailed answers soon . here are some of the questions people wrote to us:

1. 1. Im giving birth close to ramadhan so I wont be able to stay with the baby I will be too busy visiting friends and relatives and also going to the mosque so I want to learn how to pump my milk and will it be enough? Im planning to use formula with my milk because im sure I don’t make enough milk and I cant stay with the baby all day so I want u to teach me how to pump and how much milk do I need to store in the freezer and how many months do I have to continue to make milk?

2. 2. I heard that breastfeeding will delay ovulation and that’s why I don’t want to breastfeed because I want to have lots of babies, can I breastfeed the baby during the first 40 days of his life? Will this protect him from disease?

3. 3.Is it okay for the baby to drink formula when im at work?

4. 4. My baby since day one refused my breast but was very okay with my cousin’s breast, is there anything wrong with my breast? I even put honey on the nipple so he will take it! my baby is 6 months old and im pregnant now will my next child reject my breast too? Is there a reason for that?

5. 5. My first child only liked to feed from the bottle and I tried to put a plastic nipple shield on my breast so he can take it and it wont work , im pregnant now how can u help me to breastfeed the next one?

6. 6.Is it true that Rahash ( traditional sugar and tahini sweet ) helps produce more milk? But im diabetic how can I make milk when I give birth?

7. 7.I don’t like to drink milk and the doctor told me im lactose intolerant but I hear that u have to drink milk to make milk and I really want to breastfeed my first baby! Im 5 months pregnant.

8. 8.What about bussfar baby jaundice I heard that breast milk is not good for babies with baby jaundice.

9. 9.I was told to alternate between breastmilk and formula so the baby can get the best of the two is that true?

10. 10. My baby vomits alotttt although I only give him my milk and water, he is 3 weeks old and he doesn’t like to drink from the bottle I don’t know what to do with him.

I have few more questions but I will leave u with those for now until I post detailed answers.

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