Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CBK exhibition for kids

Yesterday was the opening of the CBK ‘s children’s creative arts exhibition called “Show Your Love to Kuwait.” Ms. Zahra boarki always has great ideas for children! Here is what she wrote:

“Show Your Love to Kuwait” is an exhibition that is focused totally on children. Whether it is their health, awareness of their environment or encouraging their artistic side, CBKs’ focal point is on children education and on encouraging them to learn and to apply their knowledge.. There will be tables portraying various children’s artwork and prizes for the most creative work of art. In addition, foods and refreshments will be provided.

The exhibition will take place in one of CBKs’ branch, located in South Surra. There will be eight sections which will contain booths promoting anything related to children… on March 11, 2008 until the end which will be on March 16, 2008. “

It was excellent! We had so much fun meeting great people and dhari made new friends! We will be there until the 16th ! see u in CBK branch in Alsalam –south surra block 4, mornings and afternoons :)