Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the good baby news ;)

Hi all,

Im really sorry I haven’t been replying to emails or even phone calls we’ve been super busy welcoming our new born baby girl! Dhari is super excited and busy taking care of his little sister! Showering her with hugs and kisses! Lol he cant get enough of her he spends hours watching her sleep hehe

For my cyber healthy cooking classes students we will resume classes on the 3rd of june..

My new students Lulwa and Fajer, we will start on the 16th of june..

People waiting for our new books, sorry we didn’t find the time to finish the distribution of the new collection, we will announce soon when they will be available in virgin, sultan center, and other places.. Until then you can find them at our own welovekuwait book store

As for my yoga students… my friend Emma will take over whats left of my classes starting this week, I will announce in our newsletter when we can start again..

Yalla I should go back to dhari’s little girl! He thinks he owns her I swear lol btw she looks exactly like him when he was her age, i swear it feels like a waste taking new pictures! now i feel obligated to dress her in pink just to be able to tell the pictures apart lol..

Jumana al Awadhi