Wednesday, December 31, 2008

healthy take-out in Kuwait

must try – green wrap from Q cafe as a teacher of wholesome healthy cooking and as an advocate of homemade yummies .. many people ask me if there are healthy choices out there or anything i would recommend.. many of my students and friends asked me why dont i start reviewing restaurants in kuwait since everybody will have to eat out sometimes... i think i will start something of this sort.. a must try series... 1ST MUST TRY POST: Green wrap from Q cafe.. simple and yummy and sometimes the tortilla is actually green in color! i wish i had a picture its just soo pretty... we have tried many items from Q cafe and i have to say there isnt anything i wouldnt recommend..however .. the green wrap is a MUST! we loved it the kids loved it its perfect.. (ill write a decent review later) click here to see their menu from enjoy :)