Wednesday, July 29, 2009

tanning news for girls in Kuwait

This morning while cooking breakfast for the boys i heard this piece of news on a local TV here where we live in the USA, i just googled the topic and picked these top websites to share with all of your ... Los Angeles Times News-health guru i love my sunless tanning but i was always suspicious and aware of the dangers of such practice, for that I always used spray on tans, I choose ones with organic ingredients that are pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly... Funny thing happened right before i left kuwait few months ago.. a new tanning salon opened in kuwait, my friend sent me their number so i called to ask what kind of spray-on they use .. the person who answered (who also seemed like the owner) told me that she proudly do not provide spay ons and she only has top of the line tanning beds.. she started telling me how spray ons wear out quickly and started convincing me that tanning beds are better for u! i politely thanked her for the info and said good bye... Having said that i have to mention GOSSIP salon in al shaab, they provide one of the best spray ons in kuwait.. click here for their facebook group