Sunday, December 27, 2009

a true story. UNBELIEAVLE, but true.

yesterday, as we were parked in mishref co-op,  a car parked right next to us, a young Kuwaiti mother  with a barely 2 years old boy in the FRONT SEAT, and a maid in the back seat. as soon as she parked she STARTED TO BEAT THE HECK OUT OF HIM, it was very scary ! he was crying and crying it can melt a monster's heart. I wonder what can cause such anger towards a little helpless innocent very cute child. I couldn't wipe this scene of my mind i had to sleep with it bothering me deeply. (from what we've seen we guessed that she wanted to leave him in the car with the maid while she goes to do some quick shopping i guess he wanted to go with her.)

While we were discussing what just happened, and while im trying to convince my husband that i should go save the boy or maybe stare at her in a more obvious way. a car parked on our left. two young Kuwaiti mothers with a maid functioning as a car seat for a tiny baby not more than 3 months old ! WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE ! and WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO THEIR CHILDREN? should we walk with our eyes covered?

these two incidences are frowned upon in every society there is. frown upon?!?! THEY ARE CRIMINALIZED FOR GOODNESS SAKE. I can not imagine anyone not seeing what's wrong with these pictures. I have eyes for only pretty things in life,  very optimistic. I never hate.. i might dislike.. however,  no negative word can describe the way I felt surrounded by such cruelty. i felt helpless and useless.

as a final note, i want to share with you two of the most important articles i wrote. they were published in al Yaqatha Magazine and i have received tons of supportive emails when they were published, which means the two scenes on top are frown upon in the Kuwaiti society too.
Car Seat

Child Abuse

Parenting Golden Rule - English

Parenting Golden Rule - Arabic 

Seat Belt 1

Seat Belt 2

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Ansam said...

MY GOD! This is insane! I am so against it :-(