Sunday, January 3, 2010

are you skipping a meal to LOSE WEIGHT ??

Here is an important msg for you from my friend/nutritionist Sara Al Khateeb. 

Skipping meals helps in losing weight is a BIG myth.

In fact it helps in gaining weight and creates abdominal fat "karsha"

Most of you are wondering why?! It does not make sense.

Well when you skip meals your whole system will switch into the survival mode, as your body is in a survival mode when you skip meals, it would pack away fat. And this fat which your body stores will be saved away for later and I said earlier it's saved as abdominal fat "karsha"
So if you are trying to lose weight don’t use this method because it's wrong and it contributes to lots of bad things for your body.

Wait for are next tip it's going to be about healthy quick tips for losing weight.


Sarah A.Al-Khateib
Kuwait University
Food science and nutrition club President "

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sarah al khateib said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaay tawneee ashofaa ! thank uu very much for posting it :D :D :D