Thursday, February 18, 2010

a Fruit Basket for the New Mother/Father

My friend, who is the owner of the BRITISH PLAY HOUSE is one of those devoted mother who are refreshing to meet or have a chat with. I enjoy our conversations about motherhood and parenting .  recently she had a baby and was  telling me a touching story that I thought should be shared with more people. I asked her to write it down and here is it in the shortest form possible.

she named it a “Wake up call

“On the 26.01.2010 I delivered my 2nd child (Mohammed) it was a c-section delivery. From the first day a nurse came and she was talking to me how important breastfeeding is and I told I know how important it was because on my first child (Abdulaziz) whom i breast-fed successfully . The nurse was surprised of my eagerness to breastfeed especially that “you just had a c-section delivery” she said.  “you hardly move” I said that won't stop me. then she mentioned the lady next door to me who just had a normal vaginal delivery and she is refusing to breastfeed her child and she is asking for pills to stop the milk production . I was really in shock of what the nurse told me. I couldn’t stop thinking. I shared the story with my husband and his reply was ” welcome to the new generation motherhood” (he made me feel like am 50 something: p) and I tried to find excuses for her behaviour (pain, depression etc). I asked my husband to get a fruit basket i can take for her and pay her a short visit. i cought her at a time when she was alone, she was really nice and welcoming and I start asking her are you breastfeeding, she replied back with a huge smile no Im not , so I started telling her how important it is and what can it do to the child and the mother, after I finished she said I know all what you told me because am KG teacher and at university they taught us all of this and still I don’t want to breast-feed because my breasts won't look the same. deep inside I was crying for her poor child. I think we need to educate mothers about breastfeeding. It may be hard without the support of the people around you. and thats why we need to work on a campaign that not only educate mothers but also educate their husbands, the grandmothers, and everyone who may influence or mislead a young mother not to have a successful breastfeeding experience. “

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athoob said...

Hello Jumana,

The mother that refused to breast-feed her child in my opinion is way better than the one I know who refuses to take care of the child from the day he was born. She simply decided to leave him in a hospital (because she knows someone there) whenever she want. I asked her why? Her answer was:"I hate to hold little babies, I'll take care of him when he gets BIGGER!!"

Subway Mom said...

I just stumbled upon ur blog thru a friend. And I was skimming thru your posts on breastfeeding and this one just made me CRY! It upsets me when I hear moms who say their breasts wont look the same... news flash: they will not look the same even if you don't breastfeed!!
I am an adamant breastfeeding supporter. I actually wrote about it on my blog:
I sure hope we can start a group to help educate and support new moms with regards to breastfeeding.
I will be looking thru the rest of your posts over the next couple of days. I was actually starting to feel pretty lonely... kinda felt like I was the only breastfeeder in Kuwait.