Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organica Kuwait !

When Ms. Catherine from Organica Cafe contacted me for a meeting a while back I was thrilled by how fast the organic community is growing in Kuwait. I couldn't make it for the meeting because of my prior commitment. I asked Noura Marafie to go on my behalf, she had so many lovely things to say about Katherine and her passion and commitment to support the families in Kuwait who are trying to enhance their children's eating habits and healthy life style.

Organica Cafe held an official opening for their Jabriya branch two days ago, and GUESS WHAT WAS ON THE MENU! Organic Tomatoes from Noura and Nawwaf's garden!

Here is the picture! YUMMY

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Flowers said...

Nice blog with nice picture of MENU! Organic Tomatoes from Noura and Nawwaf's garden. It was nice going through your blog.