Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American School Teacher New Blog

A while ago a teacher from an American school emailed me regarding promoting her blog on my website. I was honestly too busy to be looking at anything except my work mail and my facebook application on my phone. Finally i had the chance to go through it today with my son (who's on spring break), and here is what i think of it.

I think its really refreshing to see more teachers blogging about their school life. Miss Farah seem to be a dedicated teacher. what caught my attention right away is her passion for the school lunch box's nutritional value. she writes about her notes to parents about improving the content of their kids school lunch and snacks, what she finds in the students bags, how she find ways to educate the kids about healthy choices.. She also shares lovely pictures of her beautifully decorated classroom, and so many other topics parents/teachers would be interested in.

Visit Miss Farah's blog HERE 

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