Friday, April 2, 2010

dont feel bad, feel EMPOWERED.

My trendy fashionista breastfeeding mommy from my previous post sent me a msg on my blackberry to tell me how bad she felt about a negative comment on her blog. i have looked at the comment and its not negative at all, in fact i have heard it before from sincere loving amazing super moms who were mislead to not breastfeeding successfully. bad advice or insincere guidance thats what most of us get, people jump to share their negative experiences and give you tips on how to parent your child, making you feel breastfeeding is harder than it is and that you may be incapable of it. please Click here for my article titled ما فيني حليب

The world is changing and breastfeeding is an international movement that we all should support, regardless or our own good/bad experiences.Many of my friends/family who failed to breastfeed the first time because of this social pressure, were able to make a better experience with the second child because they knew better. Noura is one of those women who thought she cant make enough milk, please do read her article about this subject, knowledge is empowering. please help empower the young mothers of Kuwait.

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