Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kuwaiti Child in a Geneva school

I have a Kuwaiti friend who lives in Geneva-Switzerland, shes a dedicated mommy who's enjoying every aspect of motherhood! her adorable son's classroom has a blog that she sent me the link to this morning, CLICK HERE to have a look.

School blogs are very popular these days, I have posted before about two blogs that I know of in Kuwait. I encourage more teachers to start their own blogs about their school day. This way parents will feel more connected to the classroom and the child will be encouraged to practice what they learned in school at home. especially when it comes to healthy eating lessons.

Yes healthy eating and a "greener" lunch-box is a popular topic world wide. Every teacher I meet in book fairs/ Eevents/ Scocial gatherings tell me how the schools are focusing now more than ever on healthier practices and a stricter guidelines when it comes to the food children eat. YeaY.

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