Friday, April 2, 2010

نورة معرفي

to see Noura, Nawaf, Taiba, Yousef and Hanan's interview with al Yaqatha magazine Click HERE 

awww Noura Marafi you shouldnt have ;*

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working mom said...

congratulations on that, may we all follow.

in another note, i know ur a strong advocate for breastfeeding, and if i recall from past posts, exclusive breastfeeding. i remember even reading ur post about pacifiers, u were so extreme that not even bottles should be given to babies, only breast should be offered.. i'm a working mom striving for exclusive breastfeeding, but i can only do it as long as im home. when im back to work, the bottle will definitely step in. i really want ur advice on this, plus im experiencing now excruciating pain because of my sore nipples.. that i dread the feeding every time.