Friday, April 16, 2010

Kuwait's first official triathlon !!!

I cant describe how much i envy the guys and girls completing in Kuwait's first official triathlon !

My Friend Yasmeen Alabduljader is making me very very jealous, she is so excited preparing for the triathlon.

 I also have to thank the founders, the amazing Rabaa Alhajry and Ahmed Almajid, and the coach Ive been hearing a lot about, Daniel Marton.

 Sadly, I wont be in Kuwait to witness it. hopefully we will have the chance to be part of the next one ! gotta start training ;)


SILKERI- Kerry Sellers said...

I think this is great. I knew there is a girl participating. I always see a young woman in the Sahara gym working her bum off. She is SO fit. I always wonder is that her lol

Yasmeen said...

Thank you Jumana ur the best Seriously !!

Wish us luck :))