Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a special Reply to "working mom"

I usually reply to the comments sent to me via email, because of the nature of my blog most women appreciate the privacy. I have received a comment last week that i couldn't reply to because she did not leave me her email address. i decided to reply here anyway because its a very common situation that many of my friends/students go through.


Pacifier comment:

i would like to thank you for your comment, congratulations on the birth of your child and on exclusively breastfeeding. what your going through is a situation many women find themselves in.

The pacifier is designed to be used with formula feeding babies, it will ruin the breast-feeding process and i mentioned few of the reasons on my article which is extracted from many great publications that aim to help breastfeeding mommies, it is based on long research and study. here are some quick google search images on the subject


going back to work and the decision to breastfeed:

Allow me to congratulate you again, on being a working breast-feeding mom, thats a choice very few women are brave enough to make. the good news is, many women who work long hours in the private sector were able to manage successfully. I wrote few articles on going back to work with a breast-fed baby, and i have shared my sisters unique experiment with that.  Im very proud of her for finding a way that worked for her, she used to manually express milk twice- 3 times during her work hours, she use to carry a cooler full of ice with her to work ( people made comments since shes a tiny little skinny person carrying a cooler that is heavier than she is every single day it was very cute and funny) she kept the milk in the cooler and takes it home so it can be given to her daughter while she was at work the next day. her daughter never used an artificial nipple/bottle/pacifier.  she made it look very easy and enjoyed every minute of it and the result was a happy smart super immuned child who continued to breastfeed for the recommended amount of time which is 2 years+.she used to drink it from a  sippy cup/cup/spoon.  going back to work can be a piece of cake if you just sit and find  a plan that will work for you.

CLICK HERE for the going back to work article (part one)

CLICK HERE for the going back to work article (part two)

The sore mom:

when a woman is self educated with only little support from the people around her, have not met women who breastfed successfully or seen a lactation educator, she will probably face few difficulties caused by being misinformed. breast-feeding should not hurt or cause sore nipples or any kind of discomfort. if you suffer from sore/cracked/painful nipples its because of one of these simple reasons:

1. you are using a pacifier (go back to pacifier article for details)

2. u r using a bottle. (go back to breastfeeding articles archive)

3. wrong latch-on:  the reason for this most of the time here is using a pacifier/bottle. a simple trick is trying to push the baby's chin gently to open wide, the idea is taking in as much as possible from the areola ( we do not nipple feed, we breastfeed).

I hope this fast reply solves a bit of your concern. I will be waiting to hear more from you :)

Jumana AlAwadhi

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working mom said...

Hi Jumana,
thanks for your reply. thanks to God the sore nipple has gone (mom told me an old trick to allow nipple be moist with milk before baby latches, it eased the feeding). i've returned back to work, and had an agreement with my supervisor that i take a break from work when baby needs feeding, thankfully my house is close so i can go and feed him. but since i already introduced bottle, there are some times when my milk supply is not that strong, so i supplement.

as much as i can, im breastfeeding. and it feels very rewarding.

i'd really love to read more posts about your every day life, so we could learn from your experience.