Saturday, April 24, 2010

a Thank you Song just for you

Yesterday was a great fun day for us. we really enjoyed reuniting/meeting all of you. we would like to thank you the same way we do in our welovekuwait Books ! By Rhymes ! we love Rhymes and we are sure all the mommies and daddies know exactly why ;)

Thank you for attending the Spring bazaar
We just cant tell you how happy we are

Thank you for your ideas and thoughts
Email us more! they really mean a lot !

1 comment:

Hind said...

Hi :)

i'm Hind, dont know if you rememeber me. you participated in our charity bazaar at KMA last year :) anyway, i have an environmental blog mostly focusing on environmental health, especially where kids are concerned. please feel free to add your eco-tips & if u can, post my blog on your blog.