Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Love Noha

My Friend Noha always shares the best links ever! today she posted this link on facebook . 

Other countries are taking serious measures to raise  healthier generations, banning fast food chains from giving out toys with the kids meals, limiting their advertisement and banning them from children's TV channels. They are giving restaurants a hard time monitoring the salt and sugar limits , banning fries and enforcing apple sticks instead. banning soda drinks in schools.

I Think in Kuwait, we should not wait for Government/Parliament  to make the decision for us, we should not waste our life waiting for a law to protect the health of my child. With scientific research widely available we know exactly what we should be eating/avoiding. As parents we are responsible to educate about the nutritional value of food and help them make a better choice. It is challenging indeed, especially if you are surrounded by family/friends who are putting you down, i receive emails everyday from mommies/daddies who are trying to do the right thing but people around them are making their life harder than it should be. 

The good news is, more and more parents are making the switch to a healthier life in Kuwait, more kids are making healthier food choices, most of private schools and teachers are very supportive of that, banning sugars, juice boxes, fizzy drinks from the classrooms. more grandmothers are giving out books and educational toys instead of candy to the precious grandchildren.. so many beautiful images.. that keeps a huge smile on my face :D

Thank you Noha for being the wonderful mother that you are :**

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