Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Love Nouf AlMudhayyan

This is a picture my husband took with his cellphone during our son dhari's interview with Nouf AlMudhayyan at our welovekuwait shop. It aired last night, reruns are today at 1pm on Watan - and at 3pm at Watan Plus. stay tuned ;)

I have heard so many things about Nouf AlMudhayyan before i met her. heard lots about How natural and beautiful she is, how she resembles the Kuwaiti girl next door, very spontaneous and witty, knows exactly what shes doing and where shes going.. and now that i have met her i have to confirm all of the above to be true

i quote her "I love my job"

The producer Muneera Boarki is more than amazing, I have not seen a person so serious about their work in a long while. The whole team were so nice and professional, they seem to enjoy their work very much. for that they deserve a BIG  thank you. 


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layali said...

i love Nouf too :)