Thursday, April 8, 2010

What will it Take to change Drivers behaviour in Kuwait?

A Friend of mine lost her son about a month ago whena car hit him crossing the street, I couldnt get myself to write anything about that, but when my dear friend Noura wrote a post about losing her uncle two weeks ago in a car accident, I felt like  I have to say something. However, i still cant seem to put words together for this post. so I am quoting his own son:

"Its time to act, your so right about always seeing car accidents along the roads. And people truly do not respect thier own lives, let alone others. Its a shame people can be so careless. Unfortuently, you always think it can never be me. And when it does, Why me? Reality is if we keep going on with this reckless mentality sooner or later it will catch up to you, or someone close to you." - Abdulrahman Alhouti.

Please Click Here to go to noura's Tribute to My Uncle, Bader Nasser Al-Houti, May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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oleana said...

It is a very serious problem,that it is getting worse and what is so frustrating is that no one is doing anything about it!!

Kids shouldnt have a choice when it comes to car seats IT IS A MUST! It kills me when i ask someone why doesnt your son sit in his car seat or even wear a seat belt ?! she simply replies because he cries none stop or he hates it!!!
There is nothing more precious and dear than the lives of our little ones ( Alah ya7feth'hoom ) and as mothers it is our instinct to protect them so why not do a simple thing as putting them in car seats ???

Kerry said...

I think traffic violators should have to volunteer in the orthopedic hospitals and be exposed to traffic accident victims and what they go through.