Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fountain of Youth by Noura Marafi

 Noura Marafi, has delivered a very inspiring speech to the students of the faculty of nutrition yesterday, here is a mobile snapped picture of her. Sadly I couldn't be thereto hear her inspiring story of how she changed, she did come a long way i still remember the first time i talked to her, deep  inside i thought she was a hopeless case, she told me how she can never quit ice cream and that she was a burger king addict and that she orders junk food for dinner every single day, but I have seen it all before and i told her knowledge is power, i corrected some common mistakes and wrong ideas and BAAM a year later she says "i can never eat that junk again" magic? no! knoweldge is powerful! she told me that I have taught her things that all the college years studying nutrition didnt :") which teaches us alottttt! nutrition is not a text book, its practice!!! :"))))

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