Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrating Dad's birthday with crafts

Healthy eating habits, Manners,  Reading, sports AND Crafts. These are all important parts of your child's development and happy childhood.

 Crafts Play a vital role in a child's life, helps them express themselves, builds creativity and  help them use their imagination. Crafts allow children to feel a sense of accomplishment, teach them how to "finish" a job. builds a leader, teach team work.

Yesterday my children expressed their love for Dad by making him a special birthday banner made from paper bags and tape. It kept them busy and happy all day long, and when Dad came home it was the perfect surprise for him. a GREEN environment friendly surprise.

I share with YOU this very personal joy, and also one of my published articles  on the same subject :)

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Princess Sara said...

Nice Thing
hehe i see the "bath * body works bag there". Its a really nice thing to teach your kids about "Going Green" at such a young age.
If only all the kids in Kuwait went Green, we'll be ok!

P.S. Sweet Blog