Tuesday, June 15, 2010

etiquette and leadership courses for children

My lovely son has attended a wonderful "etiquette and leadership workshop" last week at the PROTOCOL SCHOOL of Texas. We love those kinds of activities, it can actually be an amazing opportunity for parents to meet and the kids to make new friends and learn skills that they can benefit from their whole life.

People often ask me about my son's courtesy and manners. His teachers point out how considerate he is of other peoples feelings. Im surely a proud mom. qualities like caring, sharing, playing fair, taking turns are all important  parts of a healthy childhood. kids who don't have social graces are likely to have a more difficult time with friends, family and teachers. 

Good manners need to be built and developed when the kids are young, no question about that. parents are the child's first teachers of that, no question about that either. However every concerned parent in Kuwait is ready for such courses for children, installing good manners through such activities can be a great fun for everyone. 

Having said all of the above I just have to mention here Ms. Hanadi Khazal - founder of Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol. I have heard so much  GREAT things about her and I have experienced her politeness first hand when gave me a very gracious phone call  few months ago, the lady is charming and charismatic, she just captivates you as soon as she starts talking. Sadly i havent paid her establishment a visit yet since it was launched while we were here. nevertheless I surely hope they consider a youth program ASAP.

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Princess Sara said...

Oh I think this is the academy my friends little sister got in. i heard they taught stuff likehow to fold your clothes properly, how to act on a dinner ..etc.

Nice thing, its a great oppertunity for kids to lear etiquette at such a young age.

Thanks sweety for the post.