Thursday, August 5, 2010


My Dear friend AThoob,  a Kuwaiti mother who lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters in the UK, is starting a life altering campaign in Kuwait all the way from Birmingham! I am so excited about it I cant even describe how proud I am of such an initiative.
It seems to me that mothers more than anyone, always feel like they have the power to change the world. My friend Reem calls them Mompreneurs ,  No matter how far we are from Kuwait all we think about is how to bring back with us the best of we were exposed to. 

Living here in the USA is very inspiring for me. As a member of a mothers club here there is so much i want to bring back home with me.  Every day I make time to work on projects  for the children of Kuwait. We bring these projects to life when we are actually in Kuwait, Athoob did not wait to go back to Kuwait to spread knowledge about Health consciousness. This is one of the many reasons I am thrilled to be part of the first Kuwaiti Health Campaign of its kind!

I am so happy to see such health movement initiative in Kuwait. As mothers we carry the biggest responsibility on our shoulders to raise our children with better and healthier eating habits and manners. A mother I don't seem to get enough of mentioning her story is Noura Marafi ,  although Im sad that i didn't get to attend her workshop , but Im so glad most of the people who attended heard about it from me and I've been floating with happiness hearing all the positive feed backs from parents who attended and told me how many times she mentioned me and how I changed her life . it seems that more and more people are well aware of the rule food plays not only in health and immunity, but also in behavior and emotional development.  HOORAY   FOR   KUWAIT !




Tazmania said...

Great campaign, ya36eehon il 3afya il organizers !
thanks 4 sharing such useful campaign

Mommy S said...

I salute her :)