Friday, October 8, 2010

We Love Kuwait

Well, we are all having a lot of fun here in the USA, the country of the friendliest kindest people on earth.

My son is enjoying his friends his school his after school activities.Hes having a blast (every single day), he goes to Karate school, swimming school, etiquette school, and much much more... #HappyBoy

My daughter is making friends everywhere she goes introducing herself to people lol, shes enjoying neighbor's puppies, and she had her first pet here (kitten) .. #Happygirl

My husband is really enjoying his work, I tell him all the time how happy it makes me to see him passionate about what he does, loving what u do turns a job into a hobby. #blessings

Me, Im enjoying it here very much, Im running my bookshop in Kuwait online, working on more projects that will come to live next year in Kuwait, Im also teaching Wholesome Family Nutrition workshops.. sweet neighbors, amazing friends, organic farmer delivering our maachla weekly, the cutest home,  weather is beautiful,  jogging in the morning is truly a bliss, skyping family and friends in Kuwait all the time.. #living-a-dream

One thing missing though.. let me share a story that happened few days ago...

I was picking up Dhari (who turned 6 years old, cute wiggly tooth and all) from school, where he had the best day, he was also excited about going to pick his Halloween costume in the afternoon.. I asked him, out of no where, if he misses anything about Kuwait? he answered " I miss seeing people nafs lowni"

I dont know why this brought tears to my eyes.. maybe because I do miss my people, elli nafs lowni :")

I leave you with our Daily Dose of Kuwaitism. We literally have this song playing in the car every single time we are out,  even my husband confessed yesterday he listens to it on the way to work every morning :") 

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