Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me on Marina FM

I didnt want to steal Dhari's thunder but I have some news of my own. Last week was my first time on Marina FM (the new Ladies Diwaniya Show at 12 PM) they are obviously taped segments because of the time difference. Yesterday was my second time on and I have to tell you that Im overwhelmed with kind and sweet feedback through emails msgs tweets facebook u name it.. Im very glad I took this step I believe there are many child care issues that need to be heard in Kuwait; our children deserve no less.

The topics coming to you this week are: Child's safety in the car - Am I spoiling my child? - Children and Books in the modern day - 3rd hand smoking and children.

You can hear it live through their  very interactive website I will be on every other day.

Last but not least I have to thank the wonderful producer Shoala AlQurashi she has been amazing, such a lovely person with so much passion for her job. way to go Shoala.

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