Monday, December 27, 2010

Kuwait's Crazy drivers are killing us!

During my last visit to Kuwait,  my friends uncle passed away in a car crash that was caused by another driver speeding. When i went to pay my condolences I couldn't stop my tears, it was very emotional for me seeing his family. i still think about them a lot. i remember the faces of each and every one of his beautiful family. Allah yer7uma o eyssabberhum.

Its time for us to stop the craziness on the road somehow. its time for all of us to take the responsibility for peoples lives. children loosing parents/parents loosing children; equally heart breaking for me.

Few weeks ago I talked about children's safety in the car on my Marina FM segment. I talked about seat belts and kids car seats. A listener emailed me the next day with a picture of her son in a car seat she bought on the same day she heard me on the radio. I have to admit i teared a little ( a lot) it was so moving to be part of a strangers life like that..

My friend's cousin made this moving video that she shared on facebook.

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