Monday, December 5, 2011

she Loves Me

We were in such a rush passing the reception to take the elevator to the 8th floor, my husband noticed the receptionist calling and following us and then went in such a rush back to her desk.We went upstairs and then came down... Thats when the receptionist left her chair grabbed a paper and followed us only to say in her old lady's voice and Filipino accent: Maam is that you ?? i remember you because of your beautiful smile, I saw this in the magazine and I cut it and keep it because I love you! 

I was so surprised! I thanked her and told her how happy I am and how she made my day! and left, when we got to the car my husband told me we should've taken a picture with her! OMG I shouted! and ran back inside for a quick picture with her!

Im So glad I did ! because I ended up giving birth to my 3rd child later that day! Now i will never forget that sweet old lady! ever!

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