Monday, September 2, 2013

Jadi Morgen, Organic Natural Clean Real Food in Kuwait!

If you are following me on instagram u probably already know all about Jadi Morgen and how thrilled we are with members feedback, I just noticed i haven't posted anything about it on my blog because i just received an email from one of my oldest readers thanking me of a recent article i published in a magazine and  that I should open a restaurant! well my dear readers I have ;P

"We at Jadi Morgen are firm believers in going back to the basics, because we believe food served in its simplest, most natural form is more beneficial to the body. Our top-notch natural ingredients are prepared in the least processed methods possible,  recommended by the top integrative nutrition schools. We are committed to delivering you nutritious meals, minus the harmful additives and toxic preservatives. We are on a mission to bring you closer to nature"

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 love and hugs

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Porridge Revolution

Im so proud of the porridge revolution that seem to be have started all because of my kids breakfast pics on instagram! everytime im tagged in a porridge pic i grow wings!! when people tell you that you haveinspired a positive change in their lives.. well im speechless! the best feeling in the world i must say!!!
what ever grain what ever topping.. porridge has to be the healthiest breakfast there is!!! we love porridge!
i just had to login my blog just to document some of the pics i got :")

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welovekuwait loves BBS green team!

I'm forgetting to post to the blog these days because Im too busy with my beloved Instagram! Im going to post only the top events that we have LOVED but forgot to archive on my blog! BBS environmental committee has organized a very special 2 days event at discovery mall, its not another expo! its bringing green families together! absolute favorite event of the year i must say! enjoyed reuniting with old friends and making new green friends!

WELOVEKUWAIT at Corniche Club

We were at Corniche Club twice this week and we loved it! 

WELOVEKUWAIT bookshop at Revolution Kuwait's 1st event!

for more visit Revolution Kuwait website HERE

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The First Food Revolution Event in Kuwait

The event is completely sold out, although no more tickets are left I just had to post it on my blog anyway.
more workshops and events coming soon so stay tuned to the Revolution Kuwait website