Thursday, May 27, 2010

A letter to Cinescape, Answered.

After my previous post's enormous feedback, my friend was motivated enough to write a letter to Cinescape.She thought "it was worth the try"

Click HERE to see her letter .

and click HERE to see their prompt reply.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Going to a movie and leaving my children behind is not something i would consider doing. So my Husband and I like many parents havent gone for the movies in years.. 

Im not a movie person anyway i cant stand sitting still for more than 15 minutes. and I cant stand the smell of the movie theater's horrible food. 

Then few weeks back, we were in Kuwait and Alice in Wonderland was playing, we thought dhari was old enough for the movies and Alice is really a GREAT first movie! and we made a plan so we can take him to see it. The plan was : we go to my parents, breastfeed my daughter to sleep, then wait for her to wake up fresh and ready to play, then breastfeed her one more time, and beg all my sisters and brother and niece to stay to entertain her. Shes usually well entertained by dad and mom but just to make sure there is a back up if she gets bored, we needed a "villiage", i called my best friend told her about the situation just in case. We bought our tickets online and went to the movie few seconds before it starts, we left right after that and we went straight to pick her up and she was in the garden playing with the cats.  Dhari loved the movie and we had so much fun HOWEVER we missed our little angel so much and decided that if there was any other movie that is suitable for Dhari and he wanted to see he can go with one of our friends/family and we would wait for him in the mall with his sister. 

Its very hard for us parents to leave our kids to have fun, we like the fun we have with them present better, i guess thats just the way we are build. When your a parent your definition of the word fun changes i guess and you suddenly enjoy a day at the pool with the kids or planting and playing with soil, a day at the park! things that were boring to you before you had kids.

The reason for this post is that i was chatting with my friend whos in LA this evening and she told me she just came back from shrek and they loved it! I told her that i saw my last movie before Dhari was born, she has a son my daughter's age so she told me that she only goes on mommys nights! I SAID WHAT IS THAT!?  she told me about a special mommy night at the theater where toddlers and babies are welcome and they even have a changing place for  etc and its so much fun for the whole family!! I, told my husband and son right away  and they were very excited and googled the movie theaters near us for that and yes apparently its very popular here!!! can you believe this! talk about child friendly environment!   and yes we are going to see SHREK this week. YeaY ;)

here are 3 links for you to see 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Email down.

My email is not working, I'm not able to receive or send any emails at the moment. SORRY for any inconvenience.

My Kuwaiti phone is off. My USA line is on.

Other ways you can contact me: facebook - twitter - and Blackberry.

Jumana Al-Awadhi

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Love Gardening in Kuwait !

The Reason I logged in this morning  is to let you know of a much much needed group that just launched on facebook! GARDENING IN KUWAIT

Mr. Nawaf has a unique experience in ORGANIC gardening in Kuwait, that I personally find inspiring. I know how much people in Kuwait are eager to know about organic gardening because one of my most popular  workshops that everyone keeps asking for is the herb garden in the kitchen. Now you can learn from a master!

 Join Nawaf's group and learn how to take care of our garden and enjoy it the way we should. im sure hes going to give us tips on how to plant what and when. its a family activity that is filled with fun and love

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.  ~Mirabel Osler

Thank you Nawaf  !

p.s. a pic will be added later to this post, with my imac back in Kuwait im not able to print the screen like im used to :/

Sorry for a terribly late reply

My Dear Blog Readers,

We have been really busy settling down in our new home here in the USA that I havent got time to log in to answer any of your emails and comments. I feel so bad and guilty for not being able to reply in a timely manner. please do forgive me, as many of your msgs contains really important urgent questions.. 

a huge apology to "working-mom", i just saw ur comment please do send me an email through my website  so i can reply to any future concerns through my smart-phone.

Another big apology is to my dear Cyber students, we will get back to classes soon i promise. some of you are almost done with this course, please keep the follow ups and pictures coming to my email and im going to spend the next days catching up with what you have been cooking .

I guess i have long list of people i need to apologizes for, so bare with me...

Last but not the least, i apologies for all of you who have been letting us  know that many of our books are running out of our retailers, we are going to take care of this as soon as we can. we will let you know soon who has the full collection . Thank you so much for your love and support. It really means allot. 


p.s. the house in the picture is our sweet sweet neighbors. i love how she takes care of her plants.. which brings us to the reason i login today... check next post for details..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Love Fit4Fun

FIT4FUN "is a unique's where fitness meets fun.
it's the place to go for new generation kids and teens.
fit4fun has created fun and innovative ways to help children enjoy physical activity, also embraces modern technology and transforms video games to challenging work-outs,exciting adventures and great fun classes.
-virtual fitness zone, - exergames,- interactive training,- dance,- martial arts,- pilates,-yoga,-beach games, swimming,-climbing-birthday parties"




The First Kuwaiti Activity Book Collection - Retailers.

We have been receiving so many msgs from new parents asking where to find our Children's Book Collection.

The first color and learn series of books geared towards the Kuwaiti child, rich with developmental activities like reading, coloring, rhymes, puzzles and most importantly; these books carry very basic and vital messages about Healthy eating habits, environmental awareness and cultural issues.

Here is a quick list of our best retailers:

Virgin Mega Store
Sultan Center (Sharg-Kout-Salmiya)
Kuwait Book Company (Muthanna basement)
Teachers Cellar
Visitor (Airport- Hilton- SAS)
Oleana Boutique

and our own welovekuwait Bookshop.

OAN, we would like to thank all the sweet members of our newly launched facebook Group and Page for their supportive msgs. It really means a lot to us. Thank you :D

Noura Marafi started cooking !

Go to Noura  blog for some recipes that I taught her when she was a junk food junkie and now shes posting to inspire others :")

Fountain of Youth by Noura Marafi

 Noura Marafi, has delivered a very inspiring speech to the students of the faculty of nutrition yesterday, here is a mobile snapped picture of her. Sadly I couldn't be thereto hear her inspiring story of how she changed, she did come a long way i still remember the first time i talked to her, deep  inside i thought she was a hopeless case, she told me how she can never quit ice cream and that she was a burger king addict and that she orders junk food for dinner every single day, but I have seen it all before and i told her knowledge is power, i corrected some common mistakes and wrong ideas and BAAM a year later she says "i can never eat that junk again" magic? no! knoweldge is powerful! she told me that I have taught her things that all the college years studying nutrition didnt :") which teaches us alottttt! nutrition is not a text book, its practice!!! :"))))

Active Healthy Kuwaiti Nutritionists.

We at welovekuwait were thrilled to be invited to participate in the BE ACTIVE event held by Nutri-Viva Club at Kuwait University- Faculty of Nutrition.  Due to our packed schedule we couldn't not make an appearance at the event, HOWEVER our books did!


To the nutritionists of the future, we are counting on you to MAKE US PROUD! :D