Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eating Healthy This Ramadhan

"Ramadan is Back" is especially dear to our hearts because it introduces and re-inscribes to children the facts and values we hold about the Holy month of Ramadan. This book not only teaches children what fasting is and why we fast, but it also emphasizes the importance of practicing all our good manners all year long. This book also encourages children to commit themselves to healthy eating habits. A vital message that is expressed in this book is to use this blessed time of year to send our love to the entire world and pray for global peace!

Its our first Ramadan in Kuwait, we've been so busy that we were not able to restock all our retailers when they ran out of copies. Its back in stock in Baroue (Avenues, Olympia, Discovery mall) and Yeay! 

I cant end this post without thanking all the sweet mommies and daddies who contacted us this Ramadan with feedback on the book. I have to congratulate all the families with young children who decided to EAT HEALTHY FUTOOR this Ramadan! #blessings #cant-stop-smiling #my-favorite-month-of-the-year

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